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Tifotime for Media CompaniesThe second screen app to entertain your viewers!

True interaction

Increase the Lifetime Value

The math is easy: more interaction means a higher live time value. Tifotime creates interaction! Real interaction, the fans come into play. They analyze and assess phases and players. From their living room, your viewers are watching a live match like never before, they are involved and committed to make their opinions heard in the discussion. They are in direct contact with their friends and the football community. Still not the same as in the stadium, but this time it's getting pretty damn close.

Supporter sentiment

Data that matters

Guilty as charged! Data also makes us tick. We can't deny that. But Tifotime adds an extra dimension to those bits and bytes. Football is a peculiar beast; it thrives on emotion. We' re filtering that emotion from the data. We bring out the fans' emotions at all times, so you know exactly what's going on in the world of football. Now that's what you call data.

analyses and insights

Always a story

We're going to produce so many analyses and insights that you won't know what to post first. The stories write themselves, so you no longer have to work your ass off to put something relevant on your social media. We make sure that something interesting appears every time. We'll find the right twist and through your own dashboard we’ll make it extremely accessible.

own community

More subscribers

We are dedicated to making our own community as large as possible. As many users as possible from as many countries as possible. We will search (and find) creative ways to convert them into a paying subscriber for you every time. Let's not beat around the bush, that too is the whole idea.

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